James Duddridge MP: Integrating Cycling and Rail Travel

Dear Mr. Duddridge,
I note that you have not signed EDM 1468, BIKE AND RAIL INTEGRATION.
I recall that you are a cyclist. I would imagine that you may possibly have more main line stations in your constituency (6?) than any other MP. Also, the geography of Southend, which is that of a town divided by a man-made barrier in the form of the Liverpool Street railway and a pedestrianised high street, leads automatically to congestion problems which can only be allieviated by people being persuaded out of their cars.
Will you please sign EDM 1468. The residents of Southend East & Rochford stand to gain more than possibly any other constituency if the recommendations in the EDM were to be made policy.
Yours sincerely,
Peter Walker



Mr Peter Walker

2nd May 2006

Dear Mr Walker,

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding integrating cycling and rail travel.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of both cycling and the railways. I have two bikes and I use the train to and from London several times a week and I am also the Vice President of Southend Rail Travellers Association. I agree that greater integration between the two modes could provide a wide range of benefits for individuals, rail operators, local economies and for public policy.

I have signed EDM 1468 and I will certainly make Derek Twigg MP, the Under-Secretary of State for Transport, aware of thoughts on how cycling could be better integrated with the railways. I will also make my colleagues in the Shadow Transport Team aware of your thoughts. I am sure they will take them into account as they develop transport policies for Britain over the next 18 months.

Thank you for taking your time to write to me.

Yours sincerely,

James Duddridge MP

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