John Baron MP: Climate Change Bill

Dear Mr Baron,
I am co-ordinator of South East Essex Friends of the Earth group. We are a group of volunteers which are affiliated to Friends of the Earth. Our main concern and campaign at present is clima te change, and we have been campaigning in the local area for the Friends of the Earth "Big Ask". The Big Ask is primarily EDM178 asking the government to reduce CO2 emissions by 3% a year. Having held campaign stalls in Southend, Basildon, Rayleigh and Burnham we have been delighted that Bob Spink, James Duddridge, David Amess, and Mark Francois have all signed the EDM. Angela Smith cannot sign as she is a junior minister. Our campaign has not been the reason for all of these MPs signing, as some had signed prior to our group forming, however Mark Francois had not signed but once we showed him the level of concern from his constituents and gave him a copy of the EDM he was good to his word and signed very quickly.
That is the background, sorry it was a bit long winded. Last Saturday we spent three hours in Billericay High Street and got in excess of two hundred and twenty Big Ask postcards signed, with no one we spoke to leaving without signing. As before we found the level of concern and lack of Government action to be a huge concern with your constituents. I am sure that not all of the post cards will be for you, however a great proportion of them will be. The cards will now be sent to Friends of the Earth head office where they will be logged and sorted with only cards completed by your constituents being then sent to you.
Having seen the concern of your constituents first hand, I would ask you to please consider signing EDM 178 putting your support towards fighting climate change.
Thank you
Kind regards
Kim Power



14th August 2006 Ref: JB/JT

Dear [Mr.] Power,

Thank you for your email dated 7th August regarding the Climate Change Bill which was waiting for me upon my return from holiday.

I agree with you that climate change is one of the most pressing political problems we will face this century. Predictions for the UK indicate that average temperatures will increase by between 2C and 3.5C by 2100, resulting in warmei summers and wetter winters. This could have big implications for our biodiversity and economy.
I will be signing EDM 178 once Parliament reconvenes as I believe that year on year reductions on carbon emissions need to be made. We actively supported the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act, which creates binding targets upon the Government They call on the Prime Minister to produce an annual report on greenhouse gas emissions and present it to Parliament. However, I also await the findings of the Quality of Life Policy group on how we are going to preveni climate change.

I am confident that at the end of the current Conservative policy review, being lead by Zac Goldsmith and John Gummer, we will be able to bring forward a far more ambitious and holistic approach to tackling climate change, than any of the rather timid and unimaginative measures the Government has so far introduced. However, the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act is a welcome step in the right direction and it has my wholehearted support

Needless to say, should you wish to discuss this further then please do not hesitate to contact the constituency office. Meanwhile, I have taken the liberty of enclosing my latest Westminster Report.

Yours sincerely

John Baron MP

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