Southend Regeneration Plan

Renaissance Southend, an “Urban Regeneration Company”, is currently holding a public consultation on its ominously-titled “Master Plan” for Southend. The company is costing Council Tax payers large sums of money in developing this plan, yet it has no mandate from the people of the town nor, it emerges, the support of many of our Councillors.

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Leigh, Dr Alan Crystall, says: “I am sure that most Southend Councillors are concerned about the proposals of Renaissance Southend. We could do a huge amount in a sustainable way (subsidised bus routes for example) with the money they are costing us.”

It is clear from Renaissance Southend’s proposals that they have not taken into consideration new Government planning policy to be introduced later this year, which emphasises the need for responsible development that addresses the causes of climate change. Therefore, South East Essex Essex Friends of the Earth has come up with an alternative Regeneration Plan for Southend, which has been sent to all Councillors in the Borough.

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