Jeffrey Titford MEP: EU Biofuels targets

Dear MEP,
I am writing to ask you to vote against increased EU biofuel targets as proposed by the European Commission in the draft Directive on renewable energy.
You may be aware of the overwhelming evidence published over the last few months that the large scale production of biofuels will
– have devastating effects on the world’s most important habitats
– have disastrous consequences for the poorest people and
– do little to tackle climate change.
Despite this evidence the European Commission has held on to its proposal to include a 10% target for biofuels by 2020.
The Commission proposes to avoid negative impacts from biofuels through the introduction of sustainability criteria.
In reality sustainability criteria fail to solve problems like the pressure biofuel crops exert on other agricultural land uses, pushing them into rainforests and other habitats (a problem known as leakage). And there are not even attempts to address social issues like land rights conflicts and the effects on the world’s food prices.
If you feel you cannot vote against the target I would like to hear from you how you propose the problems of leakage and the social impacts of biofuels will be tackled.
You can contact me by email.
Yours sincerely,
Denis Walker
22 Feb 2008

European Parliament

Member of the European Parliament

Office of Jeffrey Titford
BD4 2M97
Wierstraat 60
Mr. D. Walker
Dear Mr. Walker,
Thank you for your message regarding the EUs policy towards bio fuels. We will be voting against such legislation.
The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has always condemned this idea as irresponsible, and we have tried to highlight the dangers of ploughing forward with this project. As usual our protests went unheard, but yet again, we were proved to be correct. We are the only party in the Parliament that has consistently voted against these targets, and the EUs drive at any cost for such legislation.
It may interest you to learn that a number of green charities, such as Friends of the Earth, receive substantial amounts of EU funding. It has been suggested that part of the reason the EU is “buying up” charities like this, is so that these charities call for action, which the EU then takes. This makes the EU look like it is more democratic and responsive, when in reality, the EU was always going to take these powers anyway, it simply needed the request to sound like it came from an “independent”
charity, when in actual fact it comes from a charity the EU has a financial controlling share in.
The target of a 5.75% market share for biofuels in the overall transport fuel supply is wholly unreasonable and unsustainable for a number of reasons:
(i) the damage caused to precious tropical habitats in developing nations, by cultivation of oil-palm and soya etc – for the purposes of the export of bio-fuels to EU-controlled markets.
(ii) this expansion in bio-fuel crops is contributing more to the carbon-imbalance than the substitution of bio-fuel, for fossil- fuels will do to redress it.
(iii) is it a good idea for developing nations to be producing bio fuels at the expense of food production?
We at UKIP feel that the inherently distant, un-democratic and corrupt nature of the EU, coupled with its laughable attempts to cloak its cynical intentions in altruistic camouflage (“environmental protection”, “health and safety”, “human rights” etc) mean that it deserves nothing but contempt. We look forward to the day we can withdraw from the EU, take our billions of pounds with us, and spend it on serious and sensible measures to support public services and protect the environment.
Thank you for your message, and rest-assured UKIP MEPs will continue to vote against this and try to guard against any further measures, as it will only do harm to developing countries, where the environment will be irreversibly damaged.
Yours sincerely,
p.p.Jeffrey Titford MEP
(Jamie Illingworth – Assistant)
Office of Jeffrey Titford
Rochester House
145 New London Road
Tel: 01245 266466
Fax: 01245 252071
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