James Duddridge MP: "The Age of Stupid"

Subject: "The Age of Stupid"
   From: denis@seefoe.org.uk
   Date: 5 July 2008 12:00:43 BST
     To: james@jamesduddridge.com, DUDDRIDGEJ@parliament.uk

APPCCG Meeting
and Screening of ‘The Age of Stupid’ with actor Pete Postlethwaite
Monday 21st July, 4 – 6.30 pm
Wilson Room, Portcullis House

Dear James Duddridge MP

I am writing to urge you to attend the preview screening of this film, ‘The Age of Stupid’, hosted by the APPCCG followed by a discussion.

According to a recent MORI poll for the Observer newspaper the majority of the British public are not yet convinced about the relationship between human activities and climate change. Other research shows that whilst they may be aware of the likely impacts, they feel disempowered and overwhelmed and don’t feel they can do anything about it.

This new cinema documentary, which will also be shown on TV and to international audiences, powerfully confronts that attitudinal challenge. From the director of ‘McLibel’ and the Oscar-winning producer of ‘One Day in September’, the film uses an innovative mix of documentary, drama and cutting-edge cinematic techniques to vividly illustrate the devastating consequences of failing to stop climate change while we can. All the early indications from test screenings and industry professionals are that ‘the Age of Stupid will take the baton from Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and will become both the must-see climate change movie and a major contribution to influencing public opinion.

The film has been warmly welcomed by Friends of the Earth as a powerful contribution to the climate change debate, which reinforces the call for urgent action. At a time when the Climate Bill is going through Parliament, it is a timely reminder of the need for strong targets and the inclusion of all sectors in emissions reduction.

The film will be introduced by its star, Oscar-nominated actor Pete Postlethwaite, and followed by a discussion and a question and answer session with its director, Franny Armstrong, and Mark Lynas, author of Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet which has just received the Best Science Book award from the Royal Society.

If you would like to attend this meeting, contact Catherine Martin on catherine.martin@carbonneutral.com or tel: +44 (0) 20 7833 6035. Please enter by the main entrance to Portcullis House and allow at least 10 minutes to pass through security.

I do hope you will be able to attend the screening on July 21st at 4.00pm.

Yours sincerely,

Denis Walker
Co-ordinator, South East Essex Friends of the Earth



The new cinema documentary from the Director of McLibel
and the Oscar-winning Producer of One Day In September.

Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite (In The Name of the Father, Brassed Off) stars as a man living alone in the devastated world of 2055, compiling ‘archive’ footage from 2008 and asking "Why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?"

The film combines:

  • individual stories – the Indian entrepreneur, the Swiss mountain guide, the Iraqi refugees, the young woman from the Nigerian Delta region, the US oilman:
  • cutting edge animation
  • and feature film techniques.


Raises fundamental questions about the impacts of climate change and links to

  • Poverty
  • Development
  • Conflict
  • Our use of resources
  • The environment

To compelling and stunning effect.


Early viewer reaction has described it as “seriously brilliant”, “a profound experience”, “powerful, moving and ingenious”. “It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me think”.



Mr Denis Walker

Our ref: RSE8241

16th July 2008

Dear Mr Walker

Thank you for your email dated 5th July about the screening of a film about climate change, ‘The Age of Stupid’, in Parliament.

I agree that there is more we can do to increase awareness about climate change. The recent MORI poll was indeed concerning, in that much of the population doubts the cause of climate change.

I read your summary of the film with interest. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. It is as much a social and economic threat as it is an ecological one. We all need to do our bit as individuals, in business and in Government and I agree it is paramount that we take measures to tackle climate change now.

Many of the problems which our country faces today, such as high energy prices and the increasing cost of living, are not going to go away unless we make ourselves less dependent on expensive and polluting hydrocarbons from unstable parts of the world. Now is our opportunity.

As you say, the Climate Change Bill will lay the long term policy framework necessary to allow UK business and society to prosper in the low carbon age. The leadership we show on this issue, both at home and abroad, will make Britain a safer, cleaner and wealthier country for ourselves and our children.

I will not be able however to view the film due to prior Parliamentary commitments.

Once again, thank you very much for writing to me.

Yours sincerely

James Duddridge MP

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