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By Karen Davis

Members of Transition Town Westcliff with a bowl of apples and The Transition Handbook

ECO WARRIORS: The members of Transition Town Westcliff are trying to reduce the area's carbon footprint.

AN ENVIRONMENTAL group in Westcliff is encouraging people to take a step to reduce the area’s carbon footprint.
Transition Town Westcliff is a dedicated band that meets regularly to discuss environmental issues, exchange ideas and look at ways individuals can help to protect their environment.
One of the founders, Kamil Pachalko, explained: “The issues we are faced with today are huge and complex, but what Transition Town Westcliff is about is tackling them by making small differences such as buying and cooking locally produced food, recycling and finding ways we can make our town greener.”
The group aim to get people thinking about questions such as ‘What would the town do if there was no more fuel?’
Kamil said: “Take the example of the recent lorry driver’s strike.
“Within two days, the shops were empty of essentials such as milk and bread. What if we ran out of fuel altogether?”
He added that the main aim of the group was to get people to connect and become more self-reliant.
“We want to provide a platform from which people can exchange views and ideas – and it is not restricted to Westcliff.
“Anyone can come along to our events and get involved.”
The group put on regular film screenings that tackle issues such as peak oil and climate change, along with informal discussion meetings over coffee or a drink.
To get more information and find out about upcoming events, call Kamil on 07707 676308 or visit their website at

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