SEEFoE Meeting, 8th June 2010


  1. Housekeeping:
    • Apologies for absence
    • Minutes of last meeting
    • Next meeting
    • Membership fees
  2. Regional Gathering
  3. Campaign Updates:
    • SAEN
    • WoW – Wonder of Wind
    • Get Serious
  4. Forthcoming Events
  5. AOB


  1. Housekeeping:
    • Apologies for absence:
      Denis Walker (DW), Peter Walker (PW), Michael Woolcott (MW), Gabrielle Yeadell (GY), Michael Downer (MD) & Jon Fuller (JF).
    • Minutes of last meeting:
    • Next meeting:
      6th July 2010
    • Membership fees:
      The annual £10 subscription was sought.
  2. Regional Gathering:
    DW reported on the last regional gathering, noting the “lightning talk sessions” (he chose to amend the title from the suggested “Working with your local council” to “Fighting your local council”). He also reported on the networking on the “Marinet” group and the new Tar sands campaign.
  3. Campaign Updates:
    • SAEN:
      DW reported that nothing came of the claim of breach of electoral law (the actions of one individual) and confirmed that legal work on challenging the council’s decision is progressing. The group remains hopeful of success at judicial review.
      It was also noted that Southend airport is now a top priority for FoE HQ. This is because it now represents the largest expansion plan in the south of England (although Bristol may soon overtake it).DW sought assistance with press releases which JF agreed to provide.
    • WoW – Wonder of Wind:
      DW reported on progress with the WoW campaign in favour of wind farms in the Dengie peninsular.
    • Get Serious:
      DW reported on progress with the campaign.
  4. Forthcoming Events:
    • 14/6 Saint FM Wind Farm debate
    • 24/6 SiT transition drinks
    • 26-27/6 Leigh Folk Festival (SAEN table)
    • 3/7 SEEOG: Growing organically
  5. AOB:
    Cycle Southend:
    DW will attend the next Cycle Southend forum but was not optimistic of an adequate response to the points put forward by FoE.
    Priory Park campaign:
    PW reported that he had:-

    • Written to the police seeking harassment and a malfeasance in public office prosecution against Anna Waite
    • He had still not received a reply from SBC (Lorraine Butler) nor had heard from the Information Commissioner. The deadline for a response had now elapsed so he would issue a reminder.

    SEEFoE Group Leaflet:
    JF proposed that a new leaflet be issued to seek public acceptance of and support for the wind turbine plans/applications made by local schools. The group agreed this was a priority and would take the opportunity to raise other issues of importance (the airport and the Nottingham Declaration, SBC’s failure on the cycling front and to publicise a new public meeting). JF agreed to produce a first draft for comment.

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