SEEFoE Meeting, 6th July 2010


  1. Housekeeping
    • Apologies for absence
    • Minutes of last meeting
    • Next meeting
  2. Motions to Conference
  3. Campaign Updates
    • Food Chain
    • SAEN
    • Wonder of Wind
  4. Forthcoming Events
  5. AOB


  1. Housekeeping:
    • Apologies for absence:
      Michael Woolcott (MW)
      Denis Walker (DW), Peter Walker (PW), Gabrielle Yeadell (GY), Michael Downer (MD) & Jon Fuller (JF)
    • Minutes of last meeting:
      Agreed subject to minor typing corrections.
    • Next meeting:
      7th September 2010
  2. Motions to Conference:
    The motions will be circulated electronically and agreed via e-mail/telephone. Members.
  3. Campaign Updates:
    • Food Chain:
      Robert Flello MP has agreed to take forward the proposed FoE Private Members Bill so no further action is needed to pursue Rebecca Harris (MP for Castle Point).
    • SAEN:
      DW reported that the pre-action protocol letter had now been submitted to Southend Borough Council. Depending on the outcome the matter is them expected to go to Judicial Review.
      DW also reported on the excellent fund raising effort at Leigh Folk Festival.
    • Wonder of Wind:
      DW reported on progress with the WoW campaign in favour of wind farms in the Dengie peninsular and noted the Saint FM debate which he and Michael Downer attended.
    • PPPS:
      PW reported on the very unsatisfactory response from the Information Commissioner relating to his FoI request made to Southend Borough Council to get to the bottom of the legal action taken against people who were not occupying the land adjacent to the park. He will continue to pursue the matter through the local police.
  4. Forthcoming Events:
    • 29/07 – Southend in Transition Green Drinks
      The Cricketers, Westcliff
  5. AOB:
    • Group website:
      DW has made very good progress and will have the new style website ready for use by the next meeting.
    • SEEFoE Group Leaflet:
      JF’s leaflet was discussed with agreement reached that fine tuning would be taken by DW in the light of any further comments made to him by members.
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