Re: Sustainable Livestock Bill

In reply to James Duddridge’s letter of 6th September
From: Denis Walker
Sent: 20 September 2010 14:20
To: James Duddridge
Subject: Re: Sustainable Livestock Bill
Your ref: RSE8241
Dear Mr Duddridge,
Thank you for your letter dated 6th September. It should be noted that
it wasn’t delivered to me until 14th September. I have asked on a number
of occasions that you reply to me by email and as you have told me
previously that you “agree that we need to do more to tackle climate
change,” I’m surprised that you don’t – especially given that it would
also reduce your expenses.
I understand from Friends of the Earth colleagues in other groups that
Ministers in charge of the Sustainable Livestock Bill are going to be
attending public meetings in their constituencies – they are clearly
responsible for the Bill and are happy to speak to their constituents
about it.
The “Big Society” has led to many in your party having a lot to say
about people coming together to solve societal problems – which is what
we are trying to do. We would hope you would support us in this.
At the next election, you are likely to be asking local people for their
votes. If your post makes it impossible for you to say in public what
your views on important issues are, how on earth are people to make
their decision?
I would of course always be disappointed to hear that you have decided
not to support the Bill. However, I am actually somewhat baffled this
time – the Bill has not been published, I understand discussion between
the sponsor and Ministers has yet to happen, and you are refusing to
come to a public meeting to hear about the Bill. In such circumstances,
how can you possibly know that the Bill is not worth supporting?
I understand you may feel Government is tackling these areas – but would
you please tell me whether imports of soy are rising or falling at the
moment? And what will happen to them after the policies you refer to are
put in place?

Denis Walker
Co-ordinator, South East Essex Friends of the Earth

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