Local Carbon Budgets

Subject: Please support local government climate change initiative
From: Denis Walker
Date: 21 September 2010 21:16:06 GMT+01:00
To: CllrHoldcroft <cllrholdcroft@southend.gov.uk>
Dear Mr Holdcroft,
As a local resident and co-ordinator of the local Friends of the Earth group, I am writing to ask you to support a statement about local action to tackle climate change which council leaders around the country are backing. You may recall that you received a number of postcards from local residents earlier in the year, asking Southend Council to “Get Serious about CO2” and support local carbon budgets.
In July, Climate Secretary Chris Huhne spoke about the ‘the over-riding urgency of tackling climate change’ in his keynote speech at the Local Government Association conference. He asked councils to make an ‘offer’ to Government about how the local government sector will help meet the challenge of climate change.
Please find attached a statement, already supported by Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour council leaders, setting out an ‘offer’ to Government on how councils can help meet the challenge of climate change.
The offer proposes a nationwide system of local carbon budgets. The system would help drive the ambitious emissions cuts needed by supporting and empowering local authorities to lead carbon reduction strategies across local areas.
Locally coordinated action to tackle climate change would boost the local economy, slash people’s energy bills, and create certainty for green business investment. Local carbon budgets would mean local people could be involved in shaping their own future low carbon community, because decisions of how to cut carbon would be taken at the local level.
Please find attached a Friends of the Earth briefing paper setting out how local carbon budgets could work. This model has been drawn up based on existing council-led best practice and working in consultation with a wide range of councils and climate experts.
All three of the main political parties support a form of local carbon budgeting. Oliver Letwin pledged his support in the run up to the election saying:
On behalf of Greg Clark, Caroline Spelman and myself, I can confirm that we recognise the need for local carbon budgets as part of the implementation of the Climate Change Act.
Oliver Letwin Minister of State at the Cabinet Office, 28 April 2010
The offer will be made to Government at the start of the October parliamentary session. I hope you will add your name to this important initiative before then by emailing Friends of the Earth: donna.hume@foe.co.uk.
Yours sincerely,

Denis Walker
Co-ordinator, South East Essex Friends of the Earth

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