Council should be ashamed

THE shrubbery that borders the fence line to the south of St Laurence Park has been savaged by workmen directed by Southend Borough Council, for reasons known only to themselves.
This can only be described as an act of arboreal vandalism, the destruction of something beautiful and, what of the wildlife and their winter food in the hedgerows?
The fact that the open space of this parkland is left largely overgrown, receiving little or no attention throughout the year, makes one wonder if the ulterior motive of keeping it unkept and uncared for is to promote the idea of an area of low amenity value, so its value as green belt land is kept deliberately low.
One might ask if this ‘vandalism’ is really necessary in order to maintain the boundary.
What, then of the footpath that links Eastwoodbury Lane and North Crescent? There has been no attempt to trim, maintain or look after this during the year.
It is also a disgrace and people who wish to use it may well struggle to do so. How come this has not been attended to? Is this to give the impression the footpath is not used? Well it is!
Shame on you, Southend Council, if this is how you get around re-designating the greenbelt for the purpose of driving a road through it.
How can it be called park-land when it resembles waste land?

Mr G E Harvey
North Crescent, Prittlewell

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