We need to stop relying on the roads

RECENT correspondents have expressed what must be widespread support for the scrapping of the Dartford toll booths.
The last thing we need is a new Thames crossing so there is no need to generate funds at Dartford, which merely serve to cause congestion and pollution.
Crucially there are two key facts, missing from the government thinking, which have not been missed by big business.
The first is the appeal in November by business leaders to government that oil shortages are imminent.
New restrictions on deep water drilling, resulting from the Deepwater Horizon calamity, have brought forward the date at which we next hit an oil shortage.
Let’s not forget during the last oil shortage, the price reached $147 a barrel, causing the American recession which in turn exposed the property bubble that nearly bankrupted the global financial sector and our governments too.
The second fact not wasted on big business is the impact climate change is having on global business prospects as environmental damage drives up foo and other commodity prices.
On November 17, business leaders demanded governments take more action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including a reduction in energy demand from the transport sector.
While the UK freezes, suffering another exceptionally cold winter, global temperatures continue to rise dangerously, damaging the production of food crops, most notably in Russia.
Sadly local government in Essex is oblivious to the facts and the impending energy and climate catastrophes.
They squander public money at Sadlers Farm, the A127 in Southend and on other multi-million pound schemes which merely serve to encourage greater car use.
What we need is a dynamic new bus network, bus lanes and car use reduction policies. But councils are too selfish, shallow and ill-informed to do what is needed.

Jon Fuller
Address supplied

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