To James Duddridge MP: Very disappointed in you

Dear Mr Duddridge
I watched the recent Commons vote on selling off our woodlands. I’m disappointed that you voted to support the government policy. So many of us are dismayed that you are choosing to ignore public opinion on this matter.
Furthermore, I was assured that I would be receiving a response today to my previous letter to you on this issue when I spoke to your staff at both your Parliamentary and Constituency offices on Wednesday. I have not.
Your staff told me that they have been contacted by a lot of people on this issue, but refused to reveal how you intended to vote when I spoke to them at around 1pm on Wednesday. You should remember that the government has no mandate from the people to sell off our forests – it’s something your party neglected to include in your manifesto.
Could you explain to me why you believe that it’s us – the voters – who have got this wrong and not the government? I hope that as my representative in Parliament you will reconsider your position and start working for your constituents instead of against them.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Denis Walker

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