SEEFoE Meeting, 5th April 2011


  1. Housekeeping
    • Apologies for absence
    • Minutes of last meeting
    • Next meeting
  2. Campaign Updates
    • SAEN
    • We Want a Wind Farm
  3. Forthcoming Events
  4. AOB


  1. Housekeeping:
    • Apologies for absence:
      Peter Walker, Jon Fuller
      Denis Walker, Michael Downer, Michael Woolcott, Gabrielle Yeadell
    • Minutes of last meeting:
      Not yet available as Jon Fuller is away
    • Next meeting:
      10th May 2011, 7:30pm
  2. Campaign Updates:
    • SAEN:
      • SAEN Member’s JR refused permission
      • Other JR oral hearing date set; postponed until May
      • Public Inquiry into Stopping Up of Eastwoodbury Lane
      • Campaign is now in its strongest ever position
    • We Want a Wind Farm:
      • Jon, Michael W, Maike and Denis attended Planning Appeal – Denis and Maike spoke
    • Forthcoming Events:
      • 10/04 2pm – FoE East of England Spring Focus Group

        Centre at St Pauls, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1JP
      • 28/04 7pm – Transition Drinks
The Cricketers, Westcliff
      • 03/05 – 06/05 10am – Church Faculty Hearing
St Laurence & All Saints Church, Eastwood
      • 21/05 10:30am – Greater South East Regional Gathering (FoE)
Bonhill House, Bonhill St, London
    • AOB:
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