SE Essex Women's Environmental Network's Morsbag 'pod'

WITH Recycle Week coming up (June 20 – 26), we would like to tell people about Morsbags and the ‘pod’ which we have set up.
Most people are aware of the impact plastic bags have on the environment but perhaps not so many people know about the damage they do to wildlife, and especially to fish as plastic bags become ever more of a feature of our seas.
The sad story is that plastic bags are ‘serial killers’ on that they are ingested by fish thinking they are jellyfish.
The bags eventually kill the fish (or whale or seal) and when the body biodegrades, the bags float off to kill their next victims.
It is estimated that over one million plastic bags are used per minute globally.
Morsbags was set up in 2002 by a young woman living in Devon as she became increasingly aware of the massive number of discarded bags found around where she lived – in the rivers, canals and along the seashore.
Since then over 92,000 bags have been made from fabrics that are no longer needed and found around the home – old curtains, teacloths, tablecloths, etc. A great way to recycle unwanted fabrics.
The website keeps an updated total of the number of groups of people (called ‘pods’) making bags and giving them away to friends and strangers alike.
So far, 135 new ‘pods’ have been registered this year.
SE Essex Women’s Environmental Network set up a Morsbag ‘pod’ over a year ago and several bags have been made by members and given away.
Since then the group’s energies have moved on to other things – notably the community food growing plot at the Manchester Drive allotments in Leigh – and the Morsbag making has ground to a halt.
We are looking for anyone with a small amount of time to spare who would like to get together in a group to cut out and sew bags which can then be given away.
The pattern for the bga is very simple so you don’t need to be an expert and it’s a fun sociable way to spend a few hours for a very good cause!
If you are interested, get in touch with Sharon on 07947 655947 – after 6pm please.

Eileen Peck
S E Essex Women’s Environmental Network

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