SEEFoE Meeting, 6th September 2011


  1. Housekeeping
    • Apologies for absence
    • Minutes of last meeting
    • Next meeting
  2. Campaign Updates
    • FoE Youth & Education
    • Marinet
    • LG Conference
    • SAEN
    • Leigh Green Belt
    • Orchard/Open Garden Event
  3. Forthcoming Events
  4. AOB


  1. Housekeeping:
    • Apologies for absence:
      Michael Downer & Peter Walker
    • Minutes of last meeting:
    • Next meeting:
      4 October agreed
  2. Campaign Updates:
    • FoE Youth & Education:
      DW reported on a scouts reunion at Gilwell Park the previous weekend at which he ran a workshop on behalf of the FRoE Education Team “Towards the global challenge” badge. Scouts were encouraged to undertake a number of activities surrounding the global food supply including a game in which they aim to feed a nation which they administer.
    • Marinet:
      Turning to the campaign group, Marinet, DW said that he would no longer be able to do all that he had done before for the group. Due to his new/additional work responsibilities he could no longer devote as much time to campaigning so would be withdrawing.
    • LG Conference:
      DW also reported that he would be attending the FoE National Conference this coming weekend. He was amused and pleased to report that he had been nominated for an “Earth Movers” award for the Royal british Legion stunt. He would be giving a 3 minute talk on the work at conference. The group wished him every success.
    • SAEN:
      DW informed the meeting that the new road had opened despite the fact that it does not yet conform to highways regulations nor the planning requirements.However the Department of Transport has confirmed that the road need not be closed, despite the failure to provide the required footpath and cycle way.
      Footpath 121 which is subject to a public enquiry on 10 November, has already been closed and is being “secured” by the presence of a security guard. SAEN members are to be encouraged to attend the PI and register their disapproval despite the fact that there is now no chance that this inquiry could lead to any form of obstruction to extension of the airport runway.
      However, legal action to stop extension of the runway continues, with one further step to be undertaken by Richard Buxton solcitors in the High Court.
      JF proposed a FoE leaflet drop aimed at the roads in which councillors live with a view to protesting in the strongest possible terms. He argued that it was not enough to let councillors get away with the feeling that they are victorious. It was, he argued, essential that we do not give up quietly by protest in the most vigorous (but legal) of terms. He also suggested a “You fly – they die” poster campaign along the A127, “welcoming” visitors to the airport in May 2011. He wondered if a small but significant number of A127 residents might be convinced to put A1 sized posters in their front gardens.
      JF would produce a draft leaflet for the group to consider.
    • Leigh Green Belt:
      DW reported on efforts to save the green belt at Leigh. While the group wished Fair Havens every success in the work they do at their hospices the group could not support the construction of a new building on farm land which will be desperately needed in the future.
      DW had helped the residents action group by setting up a website for them: –
      The group also discussed plans for 600 new homes on green belt land in Hall Road Rochford. While some proposals in Rochford had been withdrawn that town was under immense pressure from central government to build many more homes.
      The campaign working against large scale development is: –
      This led to a discussion about the governments new planning regulations set out in the Localism Bill.
    • Orchard/Open Garden Event:The guided tour and social event would proceed as planed on 1 October. The cost for entry would be £2 which would be in aid of National FoE. Group members were asked to attend and help out wherever they may be needed.
      Maike would be issuing press releases imminently to publicise the event.
  3. Forthcoming Events:
    • 16/09 SAEN AGM
  • AOB:
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