SEEFoE Meeting, 4th October 2011


  1. Housekeeping
    • Apologies for absence
    • Minutes of last meeting
    • Next meeting
  2. FoE Partnership Agreement
  3. Co-ordinator’s Report
  4. Campaign Updates
    • SAEN
    • Leigh Green Belt
    • Orchard/Open Garden Event
  5. Forthcoming Events
  6. AOB


  1. Housekeeping:
    • Apologies for absence:
      Michael Downer & Peter Walker
      Denis Walker (DW), Janet Walker (JW), Jon Fuller (JF) Maike Windhorst (MW) & Gabrielle Yeadell (GY).
    • Minutes of last meeting:
    • Next meeting:
      1 November was agreed, which is also the group AGM.
  2. FoE Partnership Agreement:
    DW informed the meeting that the partnership agreement (with FoE HQ) had been signed and would be despatched tomorrow.
  3. Co-ordinator’s Report:
    DW reported on the FoE National Conference which he said was great fun. He also reported a little disquiet over the award of the annual “Earth Movers” award to NE Essex FoE. Not only was he unsuccessful for the award (he was nominated for the “Royal British Legion” stunt) but NE Essex FoE were awarded the prize for work which the SE Essex group had led on – the campaign to secure planning approval for the construction of the Dengie windfarm.
    Whilst it was acknowledged that NE Essex had organised 1 public meeting and Paula Witney had spoken at the public inquiry, DW & MWi had also spoken at the PI, and DW, JF & MD, had attended the most vociferous public meetings, including one very threatening event which JF and MD attended. In addition JF had personally funded the printing of two separate leaflet drops and virtually the whole group had been involved in delivering these to the local residents in the Dengie Peninsular. Additionally JF had funded all correspondence/postage between the local MP and Councillors when he publicised the mass leaflet campaign. JF had also had several letters published in the local and Essex press on the issue.
    DW also reported that FoE HQ was planning to launch “campaign hubs” which, it was hoped, would make it easier for activists to access campaign materials electronically.
  4. Campaign Updates:
    • SAEN:
      DW reported on depressing work associated with the demolition of the church wall and poor road safety associated with the new by-pass route. Efforts continued on the legal front but the prospects of success now looked bleak.
      JF has still not produced his proposed leaflet (for councillors etc) but hoped to turn to that next month. He was also examining the potential to put anti-night flight candidates up for local elections in May 2012.
    • Leigh Green Belt:
      DW reported on progress with the campaign to save the Salvation Army field from development. He had set up the group’s website and was now producing a leaflet. This led to an interesting debate on the Localism Bill, Government’s new planning system, the need to build on brown-field sites and the arguments surrounding the the issue of population growth.
    • Orchard/Open Garden Event:
      This event was a huge success. Raising over £250 for FoE HQ. The group thanked MWi for all her efforts, and those of her family, in putting on the event and making it such a success.
  5. Forthcoming Events:
    • 27/10 Transition Town drinks.
    • AOB:
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