SEEFoE Meeting, 3rd January 2012


  1. Housekeeping
    • Apologies for absence
    • Minutes of last meeting
    • Next meeting
  2. Campaign Updates
    • Estuary Airport
    • SAEN
    • Green Apple Award
    • Waste Development Document
    • Housing Workshop
    • Michael Downer’s correspondence with SBC
  3. Forthcoming Events
  4. AOB


(Meeting conducted by phone conference)

  1. Housekeeping:
    • Apologies for absence:
      Peter Walker
      Denis Walker, Jon Fuller, Gabrielle Yeadell, Michael Downer
    • Minutes of last meeting:
      Not yet available
    • Next meeting:
      7th February, 7:30pm – by phone and at 62 East Street for those wishing to attend
  2. Campaign Updates:
    • Estuary Airport:
      Following a letter from Dick Durham in the Leigh Times, JF has been liaising with other organisations including the RSPB and Airport Watch regarding the formation of a campaign group to oppose the proposal for a new international airport in the Thames estuary, whether it be “Boris Island” or Norman Foster’s idea for an airport on/extending from the Isle of Grain.
      Related to this is the potential for the long-proposed Lower Thames Crossing to be built, which would facilitate the creation of an “outer M25”. Clearly, both schemes would be environmentally disasterous.
      JF will keep an eye on this, pressuring larger organisations to take the lead. JF intends to organise a public meeting to show politicians the huge public opposition to such development.
    • SAEN:
      The JAAP has still not restarted, having been delayed by Rochford District Council. When consultation resumes, a SEEFoE response is essential to cover environmental angles including sustainability, fossil fuel use and climate change.
      JF will draft a leaflet for approval by SEEFoE members before distribution.
    • Green Apple Award:
      Following Southend Council’s recent Green Apple award, JF will submit an FoI request to determine whether the council has paid for membership of the Green Organisation – and thus effectively buying the award.
    • Waste Development Document:
      DW has received a request for a response to the joint ECC/SBC consultation on their Waste Development Document. Essex FoE local groups have collaborated on their responses to this in the past.
    • Housing Workshop:
      MW has emailed advising of a planning meeting for the “Heart of Essex” on 10th Jan. JF intends to go. There was some discussion of the position SEEFoE should take. JF will write this up and share with the group for comments and ammendments prior to attending.
    • Michael Downer’s correspondence with SBC:
      MD advised the group of his recent correspondence with SBC regarding the separate recycling of newspapers. He wanted detail of where SBC’s recycling collection points could be found and was advised that this information was available on their website. DW checked this during the meeting and discovered that there are approximately 30 locations around the borough where waste of various types is collected for recycling.
  3. Forthcoming Events:
    • 16/01 20:00 – Still Pioneering: Food, farming and the Peckham Experiment (SEEOG)
      Growing Together, Fairfax Dr
  4. AOB:
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