SEEFoE Meeting, 7th February 2012


  1. Housekeeping
    • Apologies for absence
    • Minutes of last meeting
    • Membership fees for 2012 due
    • Next meeting
  2. Decisions
    • Marinet membership
    • National campaign choices
      • Bees
      • Final Demand
      • Greener Products
  3. Campaign Updates
    • Estuary Airport
    • WEN Earth Day event
  4. Forthcoming Events
  5. AOB


(Meeting conducted by phone conference)

  1. Housekeeping:
    • Apologies for absence:
      Peter Walker
      Gabrielle Yeadell, Denis Walker, Jon Fuller, Michael Downer
    • Minutes of last meeting:
    • Membership fees for 2012 due:
      DW reminded members that an annual subscription of £10 is due from the beginning of the year.
    • Next meeting:
      6th March, 7:45pm at 62 East Street, Southend
  2. Decisions:
    • Marinet membership:
      The group has been asked to renew its membership of Marinet, for which no fee is required. Those present approved this.
    • National campaign choices:
      As part of our Partnership Agreement, the group is obliged to take part in at least one national campaign annually. The choices are:

      • Bees
      • Final Demand
      • Greener Products

      These campaigns were briefly discussed, but there was no strong preference and the choice was left to DW to make.

  3. Campaign Updates:
    • Estuary Airport:
      JF organising a meeting this Friday (see Forthcoming Events). There will be a number of speakers, including David Amess MP, a Green Party MEP, a representative of RSPB and a local fisherman.
      Hoping that the presentation being prepared by George Crozer will give a visual representation of the proposed scheme.
      More people needed to help wield collection buckets, set out chairs etc.
    • WEN Earth Day event:
      WEN are looking for help with their Earth Day event on 21st April. DW to send email to group with details.
  4. Forthcoming Events:
    • 10/02 7:45pm – Estuary Airport opposition meeting
      Leigh Adult Community College
    • 25/02 10am – SEEOG Seed Potato Day
      Growing Together Community Gardens, Fairfax Dr, Southend
  5. AOB:
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