Bee Cause they're worth it…

Bee-friendly flowers spotted on the Bee Walk
Photos copyright © Denis Walker

Bees are under threat and without them, so are our food and our economy. We may not always see bees working away, but we rely on them and other insects to pollinate most of our fruit and vegetables. Without bees, food prices would rise because pollinating crops in other ways would cost farmers over £1.8 billion a year.
On 28th April, members of Essex Friends of the Earth local groups met in Chelmsford for a day of Bee training. This included honey tasting, information about the Bee Cause campaign, a talk from a local beekeeper and a Bee Walk. Some bee-friendly flowers spotted during the walk can be seen right.
To find out more about the campaign and sign the petition, calling on David Cameron to adopt a National Bee Action Plan, visit With immediate action, we can reverse the decline in bee populations, protecting the environment and the economy.

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