Southend Airport campaign. Notes on campaign leaflet

We are currently delivering 10,000 leaflets to homes near the airport and flight path. For those seeking more information please read the notes below and follow the hyperlinks provided: –
British Medical Journal research published earlier in the year shows that those living within the 50dB noise contour of airports suffer an increased risk of strokes and cardio-vascular disease. This research was undertaken around Heathrow, where the noise contour is much larger than at Southend. But the threat to public health posed but sudden and frightening bursts of noise has now been proven: –
Government reports have shown that poor air quality causes 29,000 premature deaths per annum. Unlike petrol cars aircraft do not have catalytic converters, so those living around airports suffer an increased risk of ill-health due to pollution: – COMEAP_mortality_effects_of_long_term_exposure.pdf
The United Nations set up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to provide rigorous science and advice to all nations on the impact of climate change. The series of reports published earlier in 2014 provide a huge amount of information, but summary reports for policy makers have been released which make for easier reading. Some irresponsible sections of the British media have painted a picture of disagreement on the core science within the world scientific community. In fact between 97 and 99% of scientific opinion agrees (“with 95% certainty”) that human activities are responsible for our warming planet and the disruption to climate we are now seeing across the globe.
The IPCC reports of 2014 show that agriculture will be hit hard, with a 50% reduction in agricultural production in parts of Africa by 2020 and a 30% reduction in parts of Asia by 2030. The summary reports can be accessed here: –
The World Health Organisation has issued dire warnings on the human health implications of climate change. This is the most recent briefing document: –
The WHO reported in 2004 that most deaths caused by climate change were of infants under the age of 1 year. These were vulnerable children in the world’s poorest countries who were being killed by the increased spread of disease as the world warms. The most recent calculation of the number of deaths was undertaken by the DARA International group of scientists. This body found that 400,000 people were now being killed by climate change per annum and that the largest proportion of deaths were of young children, killed by the increasing spread of disease. In our warmer wetter world disease is being spread more quickly and this is killing around 340,000 children per annum. The humanitarian movement is naturally appalled that any politician or business leader should advocate the growth of any polluting industry (like aviation) because this will increase the number of vulnerable young infants being killed. The DARA report is here: –
If you want any more information on climate change or our campaign against expanded operations at Southend Airport then please write to us at: –

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