Basecamp 2014

Watch sessions from Basecamp 2014 live from Castleton, Derbyshire here between 13th and 15th June 2014. The session recordings will also be available here afterwards.
Photos from the event can be found here
See tweets from the event at #basecamp
A technical issue has led to the videos being temporarily unavailable. We hope to have them back online shortly.
The BASECAMP action – Live at 3pm, 15th June

The Big Debate – Live at 10:30am, 15th June

The year in action – Live at 9:30am, 15th June

Craig Bennett’s Keynote: The Big Picture – “You can’t stop progress, so why are we here?” – Live at 8:30pm, 14th June

Tackling the global crisis – Panel discussion – Live at 4:30pm, 14th June

The big speech: John Preedy Memorial lecture – Live at 10am, 14th June

Earthmovers Celebration – live at 8:15pm, 13th June

Storytelling from the frontline – live at 3pm, 13th June
Apologies for audio on recording – a better version will be uploaded soon


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